Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Reading Part 2

When I look at my website counter, it says that summer break began 21 days ago.  It seems like it has been longer than that.  Only 21 days?  I'm enjoying my break.  Remember when I said that I missed school and the routines?  I'm doing just fine with no routines right now!  I do miss the people though.  I love being able to see students at their summer activities.  I was able to have a rather long texting conversation with Mrs. Matzke this week.  Yes, we did talk about books.   We compared what books we have been reading this summer.
Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan - I would recommend this book to any 7th grader who enjoys suspense.  Three characters:  Blake, Shannon, and Marissa.  Blake and Shannon are the couple with Marissa being Blake's friend.  When Blake and Marissa team up for photography projects, they obviously become closer and Blake learns something really intense about Marissa life that he promises to keep confidental.  Of course, Shannon isn't too happy about this close friendship that Blake has with another girl.  The secret becomes becomes even more intense and eventually requires Blake to break into his father's office which is a morgue. 
Unlocked by Ryan VanCleave - Great prose novel about school violence.  The cover's quote, "If you heard the rumor, would you stop the shooter?", made me want to read the book to find out the answer for the main character.  While you do find the answer that Andy, the main character who is a nobody, there are several twists that are unexpected. 
click here to find out how i survived seventh grade by Denise Vega - Remember that little kid book where Harriet wrote everything in a journal that accidently gets shared with everyone in her school?  Similar situation here.  Erin spills her guts to her computer creating a blog that she plans to never publish.  Good lesson to learn from this book:  Never put anything down on paper/computer that you don't want the world to read. 
Divergent by Veronica Roth - Loved this book!  Once again, futuristic science fiction keeps my interest. If you enjoyed Life As We Knew It, The Hunger Games or Legend, you will love this book.   I have the sequel, Insurgent, but I'm waiting to start it.  I wanted to wait until I have enough time to sit down and read the book without any interruptions.  That's how much I loved the first book.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Matzke said that most of the kids that she has talked to, didn't like the second book.  I'll saving it for vacation and I'll let you know what I think.