Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pride: Good or bad?

We are going to start reading Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes.  One of the main themes of this book deals with pride.  We know that usually themes are opinions that have textual evidence to support them.  Before we begin, I want your thoughts on pride.  What are some positive effects of pride?  What are some negative effects of pride?

Feel free to read other classmates' comments and respond to the.  Having a conversation with others about a topic is what makes blogs more fun to use.  You can also post more than once.  Remember though to post your first name at the end of your post.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's Monday...What are you reading?

   I finished Ten by Gretchen McNeil.  I don't want to say too much because don't want to give any of the plot away.  My first copy has already been snagged before I even got it on the shelf.  I have another copy order and several who already are wanting to read it.  I can't wait to talk to someone who has read the book.  I talked with Mrs. Matzke already.  She loved the book.  I loved it, but I didn't like the ending.  She loved it because she couldn't see the final twist coming.  That's probably why I didn't love the ending.  I don't like huge surprises. 
    I also started and finished Promised by Caragh O'Brien this weekend.  (Exciting weekend, huh?)  This book is the third in the Birthmarked trilogy.  If you haven't read Birthmarked, you are missing out.  (Aubrey...)  I'm also not going to say too much because I don't want anyone reading the first or second book to know how those books end.  Let's just say that I had too many questions left after I finished this book.  I'm also looking forward to talking to Cheyenne about this book and finding out her thoughts.
     Right now, I'm reading your sentences from the worksheet, "What Power is Often Made Of".  I'm amused how many of you think that you might become infamous someday from robbing a bank.  I'm hopeful that none of you become infamous for that!  I'm also learning about exciting incidents that have happened to many of you.  I'm not sure that losing your phone is exciting though.  I'd classify that as frightening!
     So...what are you reading?  Be sure to put your name at the end of your post and to make a connection to another student or parent's post.

Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Monday...What are you reading?


    I've been following several teacher blogs that share what they are reading every Monday.  They challenge other teachers to share what they are reading.  I've decided to challenge my students to share what they are reading every week on our blog. 
     Currently, I am reading Ten by Gretchen McNeil.  I just started this book last night and I am only on page 38.  I decided to read this book based on a recommendation from Mrs. Matzke.  While the book is written in third person, it is definitely written from the perspective of Meg.  Meg and her best friend, Minnie, are invited to a weekend party on an island.  When I say weekend party, I mean an entire weekend.  The story starts with them taking a a rather rough ferry ride to the island and being dropped off on an empty pier.  Foreshadowing is rather prevelant!  (Matzke already told me that people at this party start to turn in missing/dead.)  There already is a triangle of T.J. who likes Meg, but Minnie has a crush on him and Ben who is dating the girl who planned the party but is flirting heavily with Minnie.  I'm not quite sure about this book yet.  I have a feeling that I'll get pulled in rather quickly though and enjoy reading it. 
     I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green this weekend.  Even though it was a rather slow moving book, I adored it!  I wanted to read this book based on recommendations from Amazon and the fact that it has won several awards.  Hazel has a terminal form of cancer and has been fighting for several years.  She finished high school by getting her GED and now takes college classes.  (This isn't too important to the story though.)  Her mother encourages her to reach out and be social.  To accomodate her mother's wishes, she attends a cancer support group.  She meets Augustus whose cancer is in remission.  She also befriends Issac who has eye cancer and has surgery to remove his only working eye in the story.  This is one of those books that you know will make you cry.  As I reading the sad part, I kept telling my eyes to not cry.  They didn't listen though.  I had tears rolling down my face.  It was a sad cry, but one of those "I love this so much" type of crys.  As far as recommending this book to others, I plan to recommend this book to Madie and Sheilah.  It seems like their type of book. 
    So, it is your turn.  What are you reading?  (Don't forget to put your first name at the end of your post.)