Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ozarks Reading Update

Day Four of Ozarks Vacation and I have only finished one book.  Pretty sad, huh?  I started reading When It Happens by Susane Colasanti on the way down.  I had read another book, Take Me There, and had really liked it.  Remember when I started making connections to the previous book that I had read?  Well, the connection for this book to the previous book that I read is that I didn't read it.  I abandoned this book.  It has a great plot and I enjoyed the characters.  I'm even okay with an occasional cuss word, but this book has the f-bomb littered throughout.  It actually seemed out of character for the characters to be cussing so much.  If I can't add the book to my shelf at school, I'm not going to read it myself.  I wish that Susane would have made this book more Jr. High friendly though because it really seemed like a good book. 

I just finished Wild Roses by Deb Caletti last night.  I was amazed at how much research this author had to do to write this book.  Cassie lives with her mother and step-father, Dino, who is a famous violin player and composer.  The main conflict in the story is that Dino is going nuts.  The author sprinkles facts about other famous composers and artists and their crazy lives throughout the book.  I didn't realize how many famous artists and composers were nuts.  I really enjoyed this author's style.  I plan to read another book by her before vacation is over.  (I also know what trombone playing 8th grader that I'm going to recommend this book to when school starts!)

Well, I'm taking Insurgent to the boat today!!! I've already started chapter 1 and I'm hoping that I can have an entire day to just read about Tris, Tobias, Amity headquarters, Abnegation, the Dauntless, and more!


hunter glendenning said...

some times when strt readeing a book in the first chapeter you can lear alot from one charecter

Anonymous said...

i really like wild roses i would like to read it

Anonymous said...

before i read it i look to see if the main charecter is going to be saying a cussing words